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Funky Santa
  • Daddy:

    Do you want to go visit Santa?

  • Carice:

    No! Last time I saw him, he breathed in my face and he smells like fuuuuunk.

The Haunted Village's Ghost Activity
  • Mommy:

    The Ghosts are home! They are done haunting (scaring for the night?) can't remember :)

  • Carice:

    No! They're having breakfast...ghost-es are nocturnal.

I’m just a titch hungry.
Carice, when asked if she needed some sustenance before her soccer game.
Why does he run so much? Is he trying to get tall? He’s already tall.
Cali, pondering about her Uncle Nate, the marathoner.
I wish I had a younger mom; so you’ll last longer.
Cali to Mommy :)